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Mario Gonzalez


Mario is an emerging vocal instructor based in the Western Washington area.    Before founding Viva Voice Studio, he interned at JD Music Studio, located in Auburn, WA. Under the mentorship of voice and piano instructor Janine Dodd. He studied Vocal Performance at Western Washington University, and holds an AA from Highline College with an endorsement in Music.

Mario continues to grow his knowledge of vocal pedagogy. In 2020, he attended the LoVetri Institute for Somatic Voicework ™. completing levels I and II. This summer he completed level III, earning his Somatic Voicework ™ Certification. These master techniques and principles of functional voice pedagogy were taught by renowned Singing Voice Specialist, Jeanette LoVetri. Mario has also continued his training as a voice teacher. In the spring of 2021 he completed Dr. Kari Ragan’s Supervised Voice Teacher Practicum, based on her book “A Systematic Approach to Voice: The Art of Studio Application. Dr. Kari Ragan is a Singing Voice Specialist affiliated with the University of Washington Laryngology Program.

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