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The design of each lesson is tailored to address each unique singers needs present at the initial lesson and subsequent lessons. Viva Voice lessons aren’t ‘one size fits all’ or filled with gimmicks. They apply evidence based techniques that create flourished sounds. Allowing the voice to find freedom and authenticity in all kinds of musical styles. 


Lessons generally follow a twofold format. The first half, begins with a tailored set of technical exercises that are used to strengthen your voice and awaken its function to the fullest. Noticing what’s functioning efficiently and what needs to find balance and coordination. The exercises may change depending on the your needs or to meet the demands of your song selections. 


The second half, is where the music making starts. This portion is spent singing repertoire, finding artistic authenticity, performance development, and musicianship. Songs are selected together based on what’s vocally appropriate for you, and the demands of your unique musical journey, but always curated to your specific genres or styles. 


Lessons will end with a recap of what was applied during lessons, and what you should focus on as you practice throughout the week. 

Private Voice Lesson Services

Single ‘Drop In’ Lesson

A single lesson, either 30-minute or hour-long in length.

  • $28 for 30-minute single lesson

  • $45 for hour-long single lesson

Voice Lesson Studio Package

Join the Viva Voice studio and receive a discounted monthly package of four voice lessons. 

  • $89 for four 30-minute lessons

  • $165 for four hour-long lessons

Personalized Video Feedback

Submit a video of you singing a song, aria, or warmup, and Mario will provide a detailed assessment.

  • Receive feedback on a quick zoom chat with Mario or video response

  • $16 per submission

Voice Lessons Para Música En Español

Mario is fluent in both english and spanish. This allows him to not only provide singers with spanish diction training and spanish music coaching, but also allows him to conduct lessons in spanish. 

  • Mario ofrece lecciones de canto en español y, como hablante fluido de español, ha aprendido todo el vocabulario necesario para guiar de manera comprensible a los cantantes en el entrenamiento de la voz.

  • A popular and exciting trend in both classical and contemporary music is the performance of music in spanish! Necessary in a singers training for this repertoire is vocal diction coaching. Mario musical and linguistic expertise of music in spanish will help you sound both fluent in the language and style

Lecciones En Español

Las lecciones en español se ofrecen y tienen el mismo precio que las lecciones en inglés

  • Lección individual​

 Una sola lección, ya sea de 30 minutos o de una hora de duración.

 $28 por lección única de 30 minutos

 $45 por lección individual de una hora

  •  Paquete de estudio de lecciones de voz

 Únase al estudio Viva Voice y reciba un paquete mensual con descuento de cuatro lecciones de voz.

 $89 por cuatro lecciones de 30 minutos

 $165 por lecciones de cuatro horas de duración

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